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Mega Switchgears is the only OEM supplier of linearity test panel for reactors. The company has supplied panels to ABB Ltd.

The linearity test panel is used to check the linearity or the saturation characteristic of the coils of choke/inductor or transformer. One coil is tested at a time.

D.C. voltage is applied across the coil under test. The current in the coil increases exponentially, depending on the time constant of the coil. When current reaches 2-3 times the rated current, the DC supply is switched off and the current decays through the free wheeling diodes to zero.

Both the rise and decay of the coil current is logged with respect to time in the computer with the help of PLC and indigenously developed software.

This data is further processed to get graph and other data to get an idea about the quality of the choke/transformers under test at high rate of nearly 1000 readings/sec.


Mega Switchgears has imbibed international quality standards in its process. It constantly strives for performance enhancement in tune with customers’ ever growing requirement. Read More...

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